Bespoke Luxury Paper, Gift Boxes and Promotional Packaging

As one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of bespoke luxury paper carrier bags, presentation boxes and promotion packaging, Alya Packaging has what it takes to design and create a range of packaging that will complement your products and services, and deliver it to your door in no time at all.

Fast Delivery on all Bespoke Luxury Paper Carrier Bags Paper Gift Boxes and Promotional Packaging

With a large production facility in Europe and a team of highly qualified packaging professionals on site to help with all stages of production, from the graphic designing of your bespoke luxury paper carrier bags right through to the cutting of the materials and printing applications, Alya Packaging provide custom solutions for retailers – wherever they are in the world.

You do not have to be a marketing expert to know that high-quality packaging sells, and if you are ready to upgrade you existing packaging with a range of modern, stylish and superior quality packaging that your customers will use over and again, why not browse our collection and give your brand a makeover:

Bespoke Luxury Paper Carrier Bags

In our bespoke luxury paper carrier bags collection, you will find a huge variety of shapes, styles and designs to suit every type of product. Rope handled paper bags, laminated paper bags, ribbon handled paper bags, and Hot Foil printed carrier bags all feature in our range, and as every carrier bag is custom-made to order, you can create the bespoke paper carrier bags you have been looking for.

 Non-Woven Fabric Carrier Bags

An environmentally friendly packaging solution for a variety of retail outlets, our Non-Woven Fabric Carrier Bags are designed for long-term use, so they are a great advertising platform for your products and/or services.  In our collection, you will find standard non-woven bags, laminated non-woven bags, PP laminated bags and natural cotton carrier bags.

Custom logo pritned natural cotton bag and black non woven bag

Presentation Rigid Boxes

A luxurious packaging solution for quality goods, our custom designed rigid gift boxes will instantly add value to your products.  Available in a range of shapes, styles and designs, and with your choice of a magnetic closure or a ribbon closure, our bespoke printed rigid boxes are often as beautiful as the items inside.

Printed Paper Boxes, product packaging

Designed to hold everything from a designer shirt to a delicious donut, our custom printed paper boxes are perfect for retailers who are looking for a unique packaging solution.  As with all the items in the Alya Packaging collection, our printed-paper boxes are available in a variety of different colours, shapes, styles and designs.

Providing high-quality packaging solutions since 1991, Alya Packaging is your one-stop-shop for luxury paper carrier bags and promotional packaging.

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