Modern print finishes, surface applications, and bespoke handles can transform everyday packaging into an object of luxury. It is little finishes like these that elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary and with our experience in the packaging industry, we can bring your bags and boxes to life with advanced printing techniques, silk ribbons, die-cut designs, and more.

Here at Alya Packaging, we offer an exclusive selection of optional packaging finishes and accessories to help you create the perfect paper bag or box for any product. We offer a wide range of options to suit every budget and taste, so please view our collection, and contact us for assistance should you need help with your packaging design.


Bring your branding to life with bespoke print finishes by Alya Packaging. Designed to give your packaging the wow factor; our printing capabilities allow us to push the boundaries of design and create visually stunning artwork that guarantees to make your printed paper bags and custom boxes stand out in a highly competitive marketplace.

At our state-of-the-art facility in Istanbul, we combine the latest printing technology with quality print finishes to make your packaging shine. We offer offset printing, screen printing, flexo printing, UV offset print, and hot foil stamping to meet your specifications. You’ll find further information on our luxury print finishes below.

hot foil


Hot foil stamping is a luxurious printing-technique reserved for high-end packaging. Also known as hot foil blocking, hot foil printing, and hot foiling, it will lend sophisticated shimmer to your custom bags and boxes. To achieve this look, we transfer metallic foil directly onto the surface of your chosen packaging to add a touch of class to your lettering or design.

White screen uv printing on brown kraft paper


Screen printing or silk screening is a popular printing technique where ink is pressed through a stencilled mesh screen to achieve the desired design. As each colour is applied individually, this cost-effective printing method is ideal for simple logos and graphics with up four spot colours, and perfect for those looking for quality printed packaging on a budget.

Vivid colourful offset printing close up that says desigual


With offset printing, images are transferred from a custom plate to a rubber blanket, before being applied directly to the surface of your paper bags or boxes. This process ensures accurate colour reproduction and a clean, professional finish, but as plate creation contributes to the overall cost of this printing technique, offset printing is best suited to long-runs and bulk orders of 500-pieces or more.

Flexo printing technique close up


Flexographic printing, more commonly known as flexo printing, is a rotary printing process that utilises flexible plates to transfer the ink directly onto the surface of your chosen packaging. This high-speed printing technique is perfect for large runs of paper bags, and as the rolling plates are reusable, it is ideal for repeat orders.

Offset uv printing close up


UV offset printing uses ultraviolet light to deliver superior printing results. A popular choice for high-end packaging materials such as luxury paper bags and gift boxes, it brings text and images to life by capturing the smallest of details and presenting them with a glossy finish. UV offset printing utilises eco-friendly inks, and so it is the perfect option for environment-conscious brands.


Laminating paper bags and boxes improves strength and stability by applying a thin layer of protective transparent film to the surface. It adds vibrancy to artwork and designs while making packaging more resistant to everyday wear and tear. We offer a wide range of lamination options, including gloss, matt, metallic, silk, and anti-scratch, to give your packaging the wow factor.

Matte opp laminaiton close up


Matte lamination is a high-end finish that has a luxurious velvety feel. It works exceptionally well with darker colours, creating a fingerprint-proof surface, although you can use it with any colour palette. Matt lamination gives paper bags and boxes an elegant and sophisticated finish while providing the perfect backdrop for hot foil stamping.

Gloss opp laminaiton close up


As the name suggests, gloss lamination adds a high-gloss sheen to custom printed boxes and paper bags. It lends vibrancy to colourful designs while giving packaging a clean and polished look. It remains the number #1 print finish for fashion retailers and cosmetics brands due to its attention-grabbing qualities.

Gold colour metallic lamination finishing


Metallic lamination is both durable and aesthetically-pleasing, making it a popular choice for retail and promotional packaging. Gold, silver, copper, and rose gold are just some of the options available, along with a full range of metallic colours. This print finish brings lettering and artwork to life with just a hint of sophisticated shimmer.

Soft touch lamination finishing close up


Soft-touch lamination, also known as silk lamination, is an exclusive print finish for premium applications. It is silky-soft to the touch and well-suited to high-end products such as jewellery, fragrances, luxury gifts, and tech accessories. Soft-touch lamination works exceptionally well with other packaging finishes such as embossing, debossing, and hot foil stamping. The possibilities for design are endless.

anti scratch laminaiton finishing close up


With anti-scratch lamination, we can create a range of luxury gift boxes or paper bags that are highly resistant to everyday scuffs and scrapes, and have a fingerprint-proof surface. With this print finish, we apply a scratch-resistant coating to your packaging to give it a luxurious matt finish. This option works well with post-lamination processes such as hot foil stamping and spot UV.


Varnishing not only enhances packaging designs, but it adds a protective sheen to the printed surface. During the printing process, we apply a clear varnish to paper bags and printed boxes, with either a gloss, matt, satin, or glitter finish. Glossy, luxurious, and highly-tactile, varnishing will bring your artwork to life while giving your packaging a designer feel.

spot uv finishing close up


With spot UV varnishing, we apply high-quality UV inks to specific areas of your design to make your artwork pop. One of our most popular print finishes, it works exceptionally well on luxury paper bags and custom printed boxes, making it ideal for high-end retail packaging. We can apply spot UV varnish is a veritable rainbow of colours to make your products shine.

Raised 3d spot uv close up


Raised varnishing creates a 3D-effect, adding depth and dimension to packaging designs. We use this printing finish to highlight specific areas of paper bags and boxes and create a highly-tactile finish that stimulates the sense of touch. It’s ideal for luxury goods and can help your products stand out in competitive marketplaces.

Glitter gold spot uv close up


Glitter varnish remains a popular choice for gift bags, cosmetic boxes, and promotional packaging materials. With this print finish, we apply a UV varnish with metallic pigments to make your artwork sparkle. It’s eye-catching, elegant, and suitable for a wide range of printed products, from everyday bags to bottle boxes, counter displays, and custom ring binders.


Surface applications such as embossing, debossing, and graining enhance graphic designs to create high-quality packaging that is both visually appealing and luxurious to the touch. We can apply these print finishes to almost any product to elevate your artwork and make your branding pop with a three-dimensional design.

paper embossing close up which says samsung


One of the easiest ways to make your branding stand out is with embossing. A popular application for luxury paper bags and gift boxes, we can use embossing to raise lettering or specific areas of a design to give it a 3D, tactile finish. Achieved using high-pressure techniques; embossing works well as a stand-alone feature and combines beautifully with other surface applications such as hot foil stamping.

Paper close up debossing that says brother at your side


Whereas embossing raises text and graphics, debossing depresses them into the surface of your chosen packaging for a design that looks as good as it feels. A high-end finish reserved for luxury paper bags, gift boxes, and promotional materials, it works exceptionally well with hot foil stamping and silk screen printing, creating designs that demand a second touch.

Leather pattern paper grain embossing close up


Graining is an application that adds texture to printed boxes and paper bags. We can apply it to the entire surface or selectively, in specific areas, to add depth and dimension to your graphic design. This decorative feature comes in many different patterns, with spots, lines, leather-effects, and snakeskin options available. It’s pleasing to the touch and exceptionally durable, making it a popular choice for luxury goods.


The handle you choose will make a significant difference to the overall design of your custom printed paper bags, so we offer a wide selection of materials and designs to suit every budget and taste. Made from the finest quality materials and available in a veritable rainbow of colours, our ribbon, rope, twisted paper, cord, satin, and grosgrain paper-bag handles will lend the finishing touch to your packaging design.

Pp paper bag rope handles in different colours


Standard PP rope paper bag handles are durable, economical, and ideal for retail and promotions. We offer a catalogue of different colours for you to choose from, with either classic knots or plastic stops to hold them securely in place. You’ll find PP rope bag handles in various thickness in our exclusive collection to complement every bag design.

brown and pink polyester ropes close up


Softer than the PP alternatives, polyester rope paper-bag handles have a luxurious feel. They come in a wide selection of colours and attach to the bag with either knots or plastic stops. These carrier bag handles remain a popular choice for fashion retailers and high street stores, and they work well with all artwork and designs.

Blue and red cotton ropes close up


Lightweight, luxurious, and environmentally-friendly, cotton rope bag handles will give your packaging a designer feel. We use an innovative cutting technique to ensure smooth ends, and offer these best-selling carrier bag handles in both standard colours and bespoke Pantone colours for bulk orders. Cotton rope handles are the perfect choice for Kraft paper bags and luxury bags.

Twine paper bag handle close up that says think green


Eco friendly natural jute ropes is very soft to handle, very strong and durable. Jute is sustainable material. It gives very natural feeling. If your sector is related with natural products, it may be the best option. Different thickness options are available.

Twisted paper bag handles in different colours


Twisted paper handles come as standard with automated paper bags, but we can also use this design for luxury bags upon request. They come in a variety of standard colour options, making them a popular choice for marketing giveaways, larger retail outlets, and promotional campaigns, and they are both durable and cost-effective.

Black and gold colour twisted luxury cords close up


If you are looking for a luxurious handle option to elevate your packaging design, luxury twisted cord handles are a perfect choice. They come in both standard colours and shimmering shades of gold and silver and coordinate beautifully with hot foil printed logos and other premium finishes such as embossing and debossing.

Gold and black colour sarin ribbons close up


Available in a wide selection of colours, satin ribbon handles will add the finishing touch to your luxury paper bags. Stylish, sophisticated, and effortlessly chic, they are ideal for high-end goods such as jewellery, watches, cosmetics, and designers footwear and fashions. Due to their lightweight design, satin ribbon bag handles are best for lighter products. We apply them with knots or plastic stops, and offer bespoke colours for large quantity orders.

Black and pink grosgrain ribbons close up


Grosgrain ribbon bag handles are highly tactile and aesthetically pleasing. Easily identifiable by their ribbed surface, these handles are strong and more durable than satin ribbons, making them ideal for weighty items such as drinkware and fragrance bottles. They are available in a choice of widths and colours, and we can print them with wording or graphics to complement every paper bag design.

Closeup brown and black herringbone ribbons close up


Herringbone ribbon handles complement both classic and contemporary paper bag designs. Made from durable cotton fabrics, they are soft to the touch, strong enough to carry heavy items, and ideal for those looking for an eco-friendly option to complement their Kraft or luxury paper bags. We offer herringbone ribbon handles in a choice of colours, with bespoke printing available.

Silver emboss printed black and gold colour satin ribbons


Printed ribbon handles are our speciality here at Alya Packaging, and if you are looking for branded ribbons to complement your paper bags or gift boxes, we can help you reach your packaging goals today. We can print your ribbon handles in almost any colour and offer raised printing for a three-dimensional effect.

Luxury paper bag middle ribbon die cut and grosgrain ribbon


Secure your gift bags in style with a middle cut-out for a bow. A small die-cut aperture, positioned between the bag-handles, it allows you to thread through a ribbon and create the perfect bow. This optional finish will give your packaging a designer feel while wrapping your products in luxury.

Vanishing herringbone paper bag handle close up


A popular choice for high-end boutiques and designer retail outlets, vanishing handles deliver a sleek, smooth, and professional appearance by concealing the ends of the handle material without using holes, plastic stops, or knots. To achieve this method, we fold the top of the bag and apply ribbon handles through slots in the fold, before securing them into place with glue.

Die cut paper bag handle close up


Ideal for those looking to achieve a simple one-piece design, die-cut handles are cut into the side of the bag to create an integrated carrying solution. This type of handle works well with all paper carrier bags and gift bags, and we can use a variety of different shapes and sizes to complement any design. Die-cut handle paper carrier bags fold neatly for storage, making them ideal for shop floors and those with limited space.

Gold colour metal eyelet and luxury gold cord handle


Adding metal eyelets to your paper bags will give them an upscale look while providing a reinforced area to attach your chosen handles. During the manufacturing process, we apply the metallic eyelets in the turn-top of the bag using a modern grommet machine. This method not only adds the finishing touch to custom printed packaging, but it helps support heavy loads.

Close up die cut black paper bag handle


A high-end finish for paper bags and custom printed boxes, magnetic closures create a neat package while securing the contents inside. This stylish packaging accessory transforms the most basic of bags and boxes into objects of luxury, and with concealed magnets in the flap or lid, they open and close with ease.

Gold hot foil printed paper bag sticker top closure


Sticker closures are highly practical, and they provide an additional branding opportunity. Suitable for use with all the custom printed paper bags in our exclusive online range, our sticker closures come in a variety of different colours, shapes, sizes, and designs, and we can print them to order with the text, logo, or graphics of your choice to make your packaging shine.

Close up top folding closure of paper bag


Innovative by design, folding closures create a two-in-one packaging solution for retailers. Most commonly referred to as a Bag Box, it serves as both a carrier bag and a gift box, and you can switch if from one to the other by simply folding the top panel or ‘lid’ into the side of the bag. Practical and versatile, Bag Boxes remain the number #1 choice for footwear designers and luxury luggage brands.


Broad line pattern paper grain embossing


Canvas pattern paper grain embossing


Chain pattern paper grain embossing


Crocodile skin pattern paper grain embossing


Diamond pattern paper grain embossing


leather pattern paper grain embossing


Narrow line pattern paper grain embossing


Nick pattern paper grain embossing


Rush pattern paper grain embossing


sand pattern paper grain embossing


Snow ball pattern paper grain embossing


up down pattern paper grain embossing