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Natral brown kraft enviromentally friendly tube cylinder box

Food safe cylinder box with pe coating insight

Cylinder Box are Cardboard Tubes that have a wide range of uses, they are inexpensive and attractive in terms of appearance. Compared to other handmade luxury cardboard boxes, cylinder boxes are more affordable in terms of price thanks to their automated production style. The demand for cylinder boxes is increasing day by day in terms of their visual beauty, advantageous aspects and price/quality ratio. As Alya Packaging, we are producing Turkey’s highest-capacity cylinder boxes in Hadımköy, Istanbul. In our factory, we manufacture and export our FSC-certified cylinder boxes to more than thirty countries. We have many different diameters in our portfolio.

Many different printing and finishing techniques can be applied to cylinder boxes/tubes.

Cylinder Box and Tubes types :

Butt Jointed tubes:

Butt Jointed tube box

The most popular style of tube box. These boxes have a second inner box inside (spigot). In this way, there is no level difference between the bottom box and lid closure.


Shoulder tubes:

They basically belong to the butt-jointed tube group.  Shoulder tubes are designed by creating a level difference between the lid and the body so that they can be seen even when the inner box is closed.

Telescopic tubes:

uncoated tube box manufacturer

The tube box style consists of only the lower and upper pieces. It has more price advantage because it consists of only two parts. The upper lid fits over the lower part.

Tube boxes with metal lids:

vodka tube box with gold metal lid

The simplest box model. The bottom of the cylinder is covered with a metal disc piece. The top cover consists of a metal round lid.

Tube boxes with plastic lids:

These cylinders have the same style as the cylinder boxes with metal lids. Instead of metal, round plastic bottom disc and lids are used for the bottom and the top lid.

Pet/Clear Windowed tubes:

Cardboard chocolate tube box with clear pvc window

These cylinders can be partly made of pet material or only have a window in the top lid.  

Hand Finished luxury round box:

xury hand-finished style round brown box
Luxury cylinder brown box

Hand finished luxury round boxes have flat top and base. They are made as totally hand -finished. 

Extra applications:

The outer parts of the inner boxes of the cylinder tube boxes can be printed.

In addition, the edges of the inner boxes can be rounded for a more luxurious appearance and a smooth closing experience

The main printing and finishing techniques applied are as follows:

– High-quality offset printing

– Silk screen-printing

– Spot UV

– Matte lamination

– Glossy lamination

– Soft touch lamination

– Anti-scratch lamination

– Matt dispersion varnish

– Matt dispersion varnish

– Hot foil stamping

– PE food-safe inner coating

– Inner lamination

Main sectors where cylinder/tube boxes are used:

– Chocolate

– Patisserie

– Candle

– Coffee & tea

– Food supplement

– Promotion

– Toys

– Diploma

– Cosmetic

– Apparel &Fashion


You can check our cardboard tubes from this link below:

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