Attractive Designs for Magnetic Closure Gift Boxes

Magnetic Closure Gift Box with Ribbon Closure

Magnetic Closure gift box are ideal for packaging products that require secure storage. Magnetic gift boxes, which can contain designs suitable for the corporate identity of brands, contain remarkable concepts with logo printing. Having interesting designs is also among the details that make these packaging models stand out. Due to its magnetic structure, it is possible to open and close the boxes easily. The magnets on the mouth of the boxes provide a great experience.

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What are magnetic gift box? What products do people use them?

The package and packaging of a product is the part that contacts the users before the product. In this sense, a good design and quality material are important to create the right perception. Magnetic gift boxes are preferred in terms of protecting the product well and offering a privileged experience. Logo-printed magnetic gift boxes are a popular choice among the numerous packaging options available. Magnetic Closure Gift box with special designs and sizes stand out with their magnetic lock system. Since its material consists of hard cardboard, it is strong and protects the product content against external influences. When the quality of the cardboard and stylish designs come together, a great result emerges.

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Personalised magnetic gift boxes have popularised packaging solutions, especially in the gift products sector. The usage area of the products that offer quality and glamour together is wide. Gift boxes are preferred for different purposes in many sectors. Magnetic presentation boxes made of first-class material stand out for the following purposes:

  • Jewellery box
  • Telephone box
  • Christmas boxes
  • Perfume box
  • Sock box
  • E-commerce box
  • Electronic goods box
  • Accessory box

In promotional products that are part of the communication processes of corporate brands, logo-printed magnetic gift boxes are generally preferred. Another advantage is the opportunity to put more than one product at the same time by offering separator options. So what do magnetic gift presentation boxes offer on the design side?

Expert Tips for Achieving Exceptional Design in Magnetic Gift Boxes

Quality packaging that highlights the product and offers an eye-catching experience is very important. Magnetic gift boxes appeal to every brand with their robust cardboard content, suitable for all sizes and designs. Designers can create presentation, jewellery, and cargo boxes based on their specific intended purposes. In the field of magnetic boxes with special printing, Alya Packaging quality brings out the best results. 

We produce logo-printed magnetic gift boxes specially tailored to your order requirements. It is preferable to use these items as technological accessories, jewellery, souvenirs, or luxury gifts. The design should include:

  • Embossing, hot foil stamping, spot UV and ribbon attachment on the box
  • The boxes may be metallic or anti-scratch laminated
  • Can be glossy, matte or soft-touch appearance
  • Magnetic gift boxes with handmade details have more eye-catching designs.

Gift boxes produced with Alya quality have the advantage of low minimum order amount and international shipping. Customisable magnetic boxes with easy-to-open design details remain popular across all sectors.

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Make your dream gift box concept come true

Gift boxes are important for both brands that sell products and brands that want to give gifts to their employees and solution partners. In promotions, which are an important part of the marketing process, the gift box is as important as the gift. Magnetic custom-printed presentation gift boxes are also great for corporate gifts. You can also find many privileged details beyond the design you imagine about personalised magnetic gift boxes. The features that can be included in the boxes are as follows:

  • Special custom-cut foam and EVA insert options
  • Card dividers
  • Satin fabric for a luxurious look

You can contact Alya Packaging for logo-printed magnetic gift boxes and other professional packaging solutions. You will also benefit from fast order creation and international shipping. Check out the eye-catching innovative designs.

You can visit our luxury presentation box page for our other gift box styles.

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