How Do You Make Your Brand Stand Out in Custom Printed Packaging?

The packaging of your product is the first thing that users see, so it’s essential to make a good first impression. Personalised custom-made packaging is an excellent way to create a lasting impact. It’s crucial to design your packaging with unique and customized features, especially for product boxes, shipping boxes, and packaging boxes. We recommend seeking assistance from a professional graphic design team to help bring your packaging designs to life.

At Alya Packaging, we offer high-quality packaging solutions and personalised boxes. Our team of experts can help you target the ideal result with custom printing and design. Additionally, our R&D team has extensive experience in creating product boxes, so you can count on us for exceptional service.

In this article, we have compiled tips that will give your brand and products a competitive edge.

The importance of Custom Printed Packaging design and First Steps

Ordinary, undistinguished packaging has the potential to harm your brand’s reputation and hinder your ability to outshine your competitors. The worth of a brand is evident in the packaging that makes the initial impression on the user. When shopping, we may find ourselves unsure about which product to choose when faced with options that are similar in features. In such cases, we tend to prefer the product with the most attractive and well-designed packaging. To create a good packaging design, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the product and seek answers to the following questions:

To determine the essential criteria for our custom printed packaging, we need to ask ourselves important :

  • Who is our target audience?
  • What problem does our product solve?
  • What is our brand image?
  • What kind of packaging solutions are needed?

Understanding customer needs and creating customized designs for Custom Printed Packaging

Do we need durable packaging for shipping or presentation? Understanding customers’ needs helps us create a unique design to cater to their preferences.

For products that require extra protection, we can use special cut foam, EVA or cardboard inserts tailored to the exact size of the product. This ensures that even if the product goes through a rough shipping process, it reaches the end user in good condition. For added protection, we can opt for multi-layered material such as corrugated cardboard or standard cardboard.

For products that offer a unique experience, such as gifts, packaging can be even more crucial than the product itself. Our personalised gift boxes, such as magnetic, drawer-style or two-piece box lid and style presentation boxes with special cut foam or cardboard inserts, can provide an exceptional unboxing and product presentation experience. Luxury cardboard presentation boxes can convey to the user that the product inside is valuable and special even before they see it.

Are you looking for packaging that matches your product’s rounded lines?

Our cylinder boxes (cardboard tubes) are an excellent option, particularly for bottled products. They are designed to fit the bottle’s diameter and shape, making them a great alternative to traditional boxes. We offer various types of bottle boxes, including butt-jointed tubes, telescopic tubes, tubes with metal tine, flat top hand-finished round boxes.

white cylinder box Custom Printed Packaging

For more information, please visit the link below:

Would you like to showcase your product without opening the box?

Transparent window boxes are an excellent choice. You can select a window of your desired size, either empty or covered with transparent material, allowing customers to see the product inside without opening the box.

gold color square box Custom Printed Packaging

Do you require a unique and unconventional box?

Our R&D department loves creating different designs in unusual shapes. We have previously designed a cloud-shaped box for one of our clients, which contained a soft white paper napkin, perfectly matching the product. Another client requested a box in the shape of iconic London buses, while another wanted a slot machine-style box. These unconventional designs attract a lot of attention on the shelves.

What do you think about merging two products into a single one?

One of our customers was undecided whether to choose a cardboard box or a cardboard carrier bag. We saved him from this choice and suggested the cardboard bag model below, which has both a cardboard bag and a box feature, the upper part of which folds into a box.

Creative custom printed packaging packaging design tips

  • Create graphic designs in colours compatible with your brand logo and brand identity· Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to try new ideas
  • Design is often more striking with the elimination of excess; prefer a minimalist and simple design language.
  • Your packaging design should include elements of the product story
  • Add emotional experience to your packaging, use different materials, decoration techniques and accessories that can be felt not only when seen but also when touched (such as soft touch phone embossing dent embossing lacquer)
    You can visit our page below for decoration techniques:
  • Aim to achieve an Eco-friendly and extraordinary design with environmentally friendly materials

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