Is Logo Printed Tissue Paper Environmentally Friendly?

custom logo printed tissue paper design

Logo printed tissue paper is used to add visual appeal to the packaging of consumer products. Although tissue paper models have many advantages, being environmentally friendly is one of the most important factors. 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly tissue papers are popular in packaging.

Custom logo-printed tissue paper models, whose intended use can vary, are used to protect products and create a visually appealing concept. Due to its harmless, natural content, tissue paper packaging suits many sectors, especially food. Tissue paper in boxes is also common in the souvenir industry. Plain or patterned tissue paper types have become important in product packaging. However, for many who do not know about the type of paper, the question “Is tissue paper environmentally friendly?” is important. So, are personalised tissue papers environmentally friendly? What features do they carry?

Is Tissue Paper an Environmentally Friendly Packaging Material?

Tissue paper, which is among the healthy packaging materials, is a 100% cellulose production product. Easy shaping and being suitable for printing are the prominent sides of the paper. It is widely used in product packaging in different sectors, such as textiles, food, and footwear. However, since it is a packaging product, it is important to be environmentally friendly. For a sustainable life, it is necessary to prefer environmentally friendly packaging products. Custom-printed tissue paper products are not only useful but also environmentally friendly. Businesses that use tissue paper in packaging highlight their brand stylishly and aesthetically. At the same time, brands get full marks from the customer base because they use environmentally friendly products.

Due to its 100 per cent, cellulose content, tissue paper is a recyclable material. This shows that the auxiliary packaging material is environmentally friendly. Logo printed-issue paper is reprocessed and reused in recycling facilities. Non-eco-friendly packaging is a major cause of global environmental pollution. However, tissue paper is environmentally friendly because it is made from recyclable material.

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What Are the Advantages of Using Logo Printed Tissue paper for packaging?

Millions of products are shipped every year around the world. Especially as the rate of online shopping usage increases, new solutions are added to the existing ones in the field of packaging. Tissue paper has been a preferred auxiliary packaging material for many years. In bags, shoes, or personalised gift products, tissue paper protects the product in the packaging. It is preferred because it prevents the product from being scratched or damaged. Thus, tissue paper packaging also reduces the cargo return rate. Having tissue paper in the box has many advantages for businesses. These are as follows:

  • It has a wide range of weight scales.
  • Colour options are wide and can be designed according to the corporate identity of the brand.
  • Can be unprinted or printed.
  • Suitable for cutting to the required size
  • Smooth paper surfaces provide a good experience.
  • Brands can present their logos and slogans on tissue paper.
  • The tissue paper inside the box is made from 100% recyclable cellulose.

Tissue paper, which also provides advantages such as personalised printed tissue paper, is one of the favourite products of packaging in many sectors. Tissue paper, which protects products in packages and is part of the brand’s communication strategy, is the choice of brands that want to establish a good bond with their customers.

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What Are the Different Uses of Tissue Paper?

Tissue paper is known for being an environmentally friendly, stylish, and functional material for packaging solutions. Aside from being used for packaging, tissue paper is also commonly used for gift cards. While many people associate tissue paper with tissue paper, other types of paper are also used for packaging. These include:

  • Patterned tissue paper for decorative purposes
  • Gift cards
  • Gift cards with envelopes
  • Flower and packaging papers
  • Kraft gift wrapping paper

Tissue paper, a sustainable paper type that does not harm nature, is an important packaging solution in many sectors. Contact us to order tissue paper and to get information about prices. At Alya Packaging, we offer products for all needs with FSC-certified packaging assurance and high-quality standards.

You can find some logo-printed tissue paper tips below:

  • Flexo or excellent offset printing on rolls make tissue paper with a logo imprinted on it in large quantities, offering superior protection and a great opening experience for packages.
  • We, as a manufacturer, can produce the tissue paper with your desired logo printed on it, using the weights and printing methods you prefer.
  • Alya Packaging is the right place for you to get tissue paper with your custom logo printed on it.
  • Printing logos on black tissue paper using metallic colours like gold and silver is ideal.
  • Tissue paper with your logo printed on it is much more valuable to your brand than regular coloured tissue paper.
  • Tissue paper with a repeated logo written on it is the most popular design type.

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