The Power of Custom Logo Printed Paper Bags to Reveal Your Brand

The use of printed paper bag has increased significantly in recent years. The reasons for this are that the serious damage caused by disposable nylon bags to the environment has reached significant dimensions. However, paper bags also attract attention with their wide usage area and special printing options. Packaging, such as bags, is critical to a brand’s image just like the product. For example, brands that use paper bags also give their customers the message of “environmental sensitivity”.

Custom-printed paper bags appeal to a wide range of sectors. The use of paper bags in food orders, gift products, retail shops and grocery products is increasing compared to plastic-nylon products. Small businesses and large corporate brands prefer custom-printed paper bags due to the many advantages they provide. So what are the features of bags made of paper, what kind of experience does it offer?

Why are custom printed paper bag important for businesses?

Printed paper bags, in addition to keeping the products of businesses in a good way, also have the feature of being a marketing item. Custom-printed paper bag that effectively convey the logo and slogan of the brand to existing customers are also a communication area for potential customers. In addition to budget-friendly affordable prices, you can choose bags suitable for your brand’s corporate image with different handle options in all sizes and colours.

Being produced from 100 per cent recyclable material is another detail that makes paper bags stand out. With the increase in e-commerce and takeaway volume, interest in bags and other packaging has increased significantly. However, nylon bags are products that can remain in nature for thousands of years and create pollution. Paper bags are recyclable because they are made of cellulose. Therefore, brands can also show their environmentalist identity with custom-printed paper bags. Research shows that customers prefer environmentally friendly brands that support the sustainable ecosystem more. In other words, custom-printed paper bags are also a way to highlight environmentalist identity in brand communication.

In which areas can printed paper bag be used?

Paper bags have a wide range of uses today. Therefore, many large sectors such as food, retail, gift or textile are turning to paper bags step by step. The most preferred paper bag options today are as follows:

  • Custom-printed paper grocery bags
  • Custom-printed paper gift bags
  • Custom-printed paper food bags
  • Custom-printed paper textile bags
  • Logo-printed luxury boutique paper bags
  • Bespoke exhibit carrier bags
  • Custom-printed optician bags
  • Logo-printed perfumery bags
  • Luxury patisserie bags
  • Custom-printed paper beverage bags
kraft sos bag with window

It is practical to use bags that keep the products well with their thick structure. Apart from this, the ergonomic handle structure makes the packaging more prominent. However, custom-printed options are also important for brands. Custom-printed paper grocery bags and lunch bags provide many advantages for customers in daily grocery shopping. Custom-printed paper gift bags stylishly present gifts, while custom-printed paper food bags protect food well.

What are the printing features of printed paper bags?

The packaging and bag of a product must have quality standards by the identity of the brand. Therefore, custom-printed paper bags should be produced with appropriate printing techniques. Printed laminated paper, luxury kraft paper, and SOS block-based bags stand out among these. However, offset printing, UV offset printing and screen printing can be preferred in logo-printed paper bag models. Processes such as embossing can create a luxurious look in paper bags. Paper bags, which are a functional and environmentally friendly transport solution, are attractive for cafes and restaurants, markets, cosmetics stores and many businesses.

Paper bags are divided into two main groups.

1. Economic paper bags produced by automation:

The first group is automated paper bags which are produced fully automatically. they can be produced with a handle, twist handle and flat handle. They are more cost-effective. They have higher order quantities and they are produced without lamination with the flexo printing technique. Paperweights are lower.

white kraft yellow tewisted handled paper bags says glovo on it

2. Hand-finished Luxury paper bags:

Producers use a variety of printing and finishing techniques to create bags in this category, resulting in visually higher quality bags. Luxury brands prefer using luxury paper bags for their prestigious and high-end products since they serve as a walking billboard and can be used for a longer period. We can use various printing and decoration techniques such as glossy lamination, matte lamination, soft-touch lamination, spot UV, raised spot UV, embossing, debossing, hot foil, screen printing, and offset printing. In addition, many different handle materials such as cotton, PP, polyester, grosgrain ribbon, satin ribbon, herringbone ribbon, and luxury twist cord.

cmyk offset printed paper carrier bag

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