Printed Tissue Paper as a Marketing Tool to Reveal Your Brand

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Tissue paper is one of the important elements in branded packaging. For customers who buy a product, the package and packaging details of the product are very important. Apart from protecting the products well, tissue paper is also important with its special printing advantage. Tissue paper in gift boxes with branded designs is therefore an important marketing tool.

Printed tissue paper is highly preferred in product groups such as clothing, electronics, souvenirs or jewellery. Tissue papers are among the details that make you feel the privilege and luxury at the package opening. In addition to being produced from first-class paper, wide design options make it important. In terms of branding, the details inside the packaging make a difference as much as the bags or packaging. Therefore, tissue papers with special printing are important for businesses of all sizes.

Printed tissue paper is highly preferred, especially in the e-commerce sector. Companies that want to provide their customers with a special package opening experience see printed tissue paper as a must.

Textile, apparel, shoes and many other products are wrapped with printed tissue paper before being placed in the box.

Since it is a very thin-weight paper, printing on tissue paper is not a product that every printing house can make. Although it may seem simple from the outside, printed tissue paper requires a production experience that requires professionalism.

full colour cmyk printed tissue paper

What are the features of printed tissue paper?

Elements in product packaging are important for every brand. Tissue paper is important because of its production for custom sizes and easy design possibilities. Tissue paper is widely used in fashion, footwear, home accessories or clothing products. In the catering industry, especially at the takeaway point, tissue paper is also widespread. Food contact papers preserve the freshness and flavour of food products. In consumer products, tissue paper is important for preventing scratching and damage. It also carries corporate identity details. The main features of the printed tissue paper, which is frequently included in gift boxes, are as follows:

  • It can contain company logo, slogan or communication messages
  • Can weigh between 17 gsm and 40 gsm
  • May include custom colours and design
  • Suitable for use in gift bags and boxes
  • They can be compatible with food products
  • Generally preferred for the packaging of luxury clothing, jewellery and technology products

Alya Ambalaj offers the most advantageous offer to brands that want to buy retail or wholesale printed tissue paper. If you want to buy wholesale custom printed tissue paper, you will have the advantage of affordable prices and fast delivery. Moreover, there is a low minimum order quantity and fast delivery to anywhere in the world. If you want to highlight your brand in gift boxes or other product packages, be sure to take a look at the printed product options.

Floral design custom printed tissue paper

Promote environmentalist brand identity

Unfortunately, plastic-based products, which are still common in packaging solutions, constitute an important problem for the world. These products, which do not dissolve in nature for thousands of years, are one of the important causes of pollution. Many people and many brands who are aware of this prefer environmentally friendly methods. This is important for your brand because tissue paper, which offers a functional and stylish solution in gift boxes or other packaging, is also environmentally friendly. 

Printed tissue paper is not subjected to any lamination process. This makes printed tissue paper an extremely environmentally friendly product.

Printed tissue paper produced from cellulose is suitable for 100 per cent recycling. Your brand’s environmental responsibility and preference for sustainable packaging solutions create significant value in the eyes of customers. Therefore, the world’s largest companies prefer recyclable materials in their packaging. Printed tissue paper offers the design concept you want with high-quality offset printing or cost-efficient flexo printing. In addition, This product is drawing attention due to its environmentally friendly qualities. With the quality of Alya Packaging, you can discover tissue paper models with custom logo printing. Order all over the world with the advantage of low minimum order amount. Tissue papers that reflect your brand’s corporate identity will not only protect your products but also provide a positive image in the eyes of your customers. If you are interested in our plush and other paper solutions, please feel free to contact us for more information.

As Alya Ambalaj, we have produced and continue to produce the logo printed cleaning paper needs of thousands of companies.

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