Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions for Your Retail Packaging

Black non-woben pp tote bag that says L'Oréal

Your business is more than just a single entity. Where it is true that you have to produce the products your customers want, but you also have to promote your business through a series of offerings that show off your logo. It can be a difficult task to find a European manufacturer in Istanbul, Turkey that can produce custom bespoke products for your needs, but here at Alya Packaging, we put priority on making your brand look its best. Our branded Eco-Friendly packaging solutions allow you to promote your brand all while keeping the earth from being overrun with waste. Our pp-woven bags are the perfect way to get your business name in the minds of your customers.

Eco priendly natural brown kraft paper lunch box with twine rope

Eco-Friendly Packaging One of a Kind

There are a number of companies that work to produce eco friendly packaging solutions, but the problem is that many of these companies produce the exact same style bag for every customer. We understand that your business is unique and therefore, we work to get the bespoke packaging solutions that are right for you. We do not stick to the mass manufacture mindset that other companies tend to have. Alya Packaging’s personalized service and professional results allow our customers to have the products they want without compromise and without having the exact same bag as every other business on the same street.

Cotton Bags

When you begin looking into eco-friendly solutions, you realize that there are many more fabrics apart from the standard natural solutions such as cotton. Jute is a product that is quickly becoming popular among the environmental sect. Jute is a product that not many people understand, but we at Alya Packaging utilize regularly. This biodegradable product makes top quality bags and is also all natural. Cotton is grown in many Asian companies. It is available in abundance and replenishes quickly, so we can continue to offer our Cotton/Jute bags without taking away from the precious resources of the earth.

Natural cotton, full colour printed cotton bag with red handles that says nutella

Variety of Bags

Companies throughout the world have begun to see the need for environmental friendly solutions and therefore, there is an emphasis on reusable bags. Alya Packaging not only produces the popular Cotton bags, but a wide range of other bags for your needs. Whether you are looking for standard jute bags, fabric bags, or non-woven bags, we have what you are looking for. Apart from the standard bag offering, we also offer a range of postman style bags and drawstring bags for all of your needs.

Black non-woven pp tote bag with white logo printing that says L'Oréal

Alya Packaging is concerned about the environment and we want to prove to you that your company can be eco-friendly to give nature a chance. We have helped countless businesses realize their potential and want to help you today. Custom bespoke services are a part of the package with us and although there are other European manufacturers of eco friendly bags in Istanbul, Turkey, we are the ones to trust for your branded bags. Aly Packaging is the only name you need to remember if you want to take your business to the top of the eco-friendly.. 

Natural cotton tote bag with one colour black logo printing that says les etoiles

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