Personalised Luxury Paper Carrier Bags are Worth the Cost: Here is Why

Purple jeweller luxury paper bag with gold hot foil stamping and pp rope

It can be difficult when you have your own business to understand exactly where you should put your hard-earned money.

One of the biggest traps that many businesses fall into is not having a social brand in the community because they put little effort into marketing their business.

They may purchase business cards to distribute to potential clients or redesign their logo to be current. But other than that, business owners fail to see the potential they are missing.

If you go to a trade show in your line of business and show up to your booth with just a stack of business cards and a smile, you’ll likely attract zero potential customers.

Trade show booths are filled with many different types of promotional materials intended to draw someone to the booth and make them remember the business name.

The money you invest in your marketing campaign pays off in your ability to keep customers interested, and one way to do this is with luxury paper carrier bags.

Glossy laminated luxury paper bag that says dr. organic

What Are Luxury Paper Carrier Bags?

Luxury paper carrier bags are walking advertisements on streets. They have your logo along with business information to attract potential customers to your business. These however are not just your everyday paper sacks that offer no real appeal to the customer. Luxury paper carrier bags are meant to attract the attention of your potential clientele in ways that traditional forms of advertising cannot.

What is the Difference Between Luxury and Average?

The average company, if they even think of carrier bags, will likely spend the least amount of money possible and thereby gain access to the cheapest materials available to make the bag. This will result in customers having to deal with torn bags and all their belongings being strewn through the streets. It is embarrassing for the customer as well as should be embarrassing for the business owner that purchased that bag. That bag will end up in the trash bin with the many others that they purchased in a cheap effort at advertising.

Luxury paper carrier bag producers put a great amount of time and effort into the manufacturing of top quality bags.Made from high quality materials and built to make your brand stand out in a sea of cheaply produced bags. When one of your competitors’ bags breaks at a customer, you can be there with stylish promotional packaging. Easily replaceable carrying case. The more effort you put into your promotional materials, the more likely your customers will be loyal to your business.

Matt laminated luxury paper bag with gloss spot uv and embossing

Materials and Options

A simple bag can be made from many materials, from cheap plastic to fabric. But the best luxury paper carrier bags are made to easily fold and lay flat when not in use. Your customers also serve as street-walking advertisements for your business. They allow your logo or ad to pop up and be visible to anyone who sees it. Luxury paper bag manufacturers have worked diligently to discover the materials best suited for luxury bags. Luxury paper carrier bags are now made from laminated paper.

Check our finishing options page for detailed information.

The laminated paper bags are more water resistant than just your everyday paper bag. The lamination process strengthens the paper to hold more weight than just a simple bag.

They have also learned that just a simple handle will not do for the type of weight that will be carried in the bag.

Paper handles can wear out quickly and break without notice. So the use of rope handled paper bags is on the rise.

The rope handled paper bags are less likely to wear out from just a few uses. Provide the strength needed to withstand a lot of weight.

Where Do I Get Luxury Paper Carrier Bags?

Luxury paper carrier bags can be purchased at many different places. But if you are serious about your business and promotional items that you purchase, the clear choice is Alya Packaging.

We have the bags you have been waiting for. Will make your bespoke promotional luxury paper carrier bag that will show off your business to the world.

We have many different paper choices to choose from and the right handle material that will market your business like no other form of advertisement.

Give us the chance to show you how luxury paper carrier bags can give your business the edge when it comes to getting your name into the minds of potential customers.

Contact Alya packaging today. 

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