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Full colour printed matt laminated custom ring binder

Organization is truly a key element for a happy life. Even for those that claim that they have zero organization within their office or home, will have some form of system for keeping track of items. One of the best ways to keep track of important items and paperwork is with a ringed binder. Even with something as basic as a binder, you want to stand out and Alya Packaging help you do just that with a custom bespoke 2 or 4 ring binder mechanism, just for your needs.

A Business Must

Business is difficult enough, but keeping everything neat and organized is the only way you will every truly succeed in your chosen profession. Binders do more than just hold papers within a business office, they are taken by clients and employees to other places throughout the world and for that, you need have your business recognizable. Alya Packaging can have your binder branded and logo printed directly on the binder to give your product the look you desire. Whether you are looking for matt, glossy, silk laminated or a variety of other finishes, we can do it all.

Printed black ring binder

Slipcase Binder

Apart from the need to organize papers within a binder, your binder needs to be well protected. Our slipcases allow you to always have a place to keep your binder fitted with premium ring binder mechanism, perfectly protected and beautifully on display for an organized office every time. Both our slipcases and personalized binders are offered in custom sizes, so you can get the look and the style needed for your type of business or personal application.

Blue and natural brown kraft slip cases

Quality Printing

Alya Packaging is not just your average everyday packaging solution company. We understand that the products we produce will be used by professionals worldwide and we take not only the product, but the printing itself, seriously. Our expert process allows you to choose how you wish your logo to be displayed on the piece. Offset Pantone printing allows for the utmost quality printing and finish to the piece. Unlike other manufacturers that simply push their products out as quickly as possible, Alya packaging puts more of an emphasis on quality. We want you to come back to us for all of your printing needs, so we utilize processes that maintain quality for a premium look throughout the life of the piece.

Blue ring binder that says  cabin crew manual

Your business is important to you and therefore, it is important to us. Give us the opportunity to have your business branded properly. Logo printed services are emphasized by our full colour offset CMYK printing services. With this process, your colours are clear giving your business the professional appearance that you deserve. There are a number of other packaging companies in Istanbul, Turkey, but none maintain the high European manufacturer standards quite like Alya Printing. We will help you allow your business to stand out among the crowd like no other with our custom, bespoke ring binder and slipcase manufacturing services.

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