Custom Printed Ribbons from Turkey

Logo printed satin ribbon that says altinbas

In today’s world people crave creativity and uniqueness. The more personalised something is, the more it will stand out. Nobody wants what everyone has and we at Alya Packaging understand the need for you to be different. When more and more customers started asking for personalised packaging products and solutions, we found the need to do so. This is why we now offer custom printed ribbons that are manufactured in Turkey. Whether you are a resident in Istanbul or any other place in Turkey, or anywhere in Europe for that matter, you can now buy custom printed ribbons easily. It might just be the extra spark you are looking for your products or packaging!

Flower pattern printed satin ribbon from Istanbul Turkey

Alya Packaging has moved beyond just being a small printing house in Istanbul and paper bag manufacturer. Personalised logo printing is made available on different products and materials now. When it comes to custom printed ribbons you have a variety of materials to choose from. It can be a double-sided satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon or an organza ribbon. The choice of ribbon would largely depend upon your affordability and preference. The finishing touches on your ribbon would also depend on whether you want a basic one or want to give it a luxury feel with a metallic or gold finishing. You have a wide choice between colours, font options and the width of the ribbon. You now have a choice to make something as simple as a ribbon stand out and look the way you want.

Logo printed silver satin ribbon roll that says Kelly NG
25mm Silver satin ribbon with 1 colour logo printing

A custom printed ribbon can be used in various ways. It can be used on your product to highlight the name or logo so that people are aware of your brand. It is also widely used in gift packaging. Usually when we take out the time to buy someone a gift it is because we care about them, we want to express our love for them or celebrate a special occasion. No matter what the reason is, using a custom printed ribbon for gift packaging shows the extra thought and effort you made to make that gift special for someone. You can buy a whole roll of a personalised custom ribbon at one time that you feel represents you and what you would want to use as a gift packaging material for your loved ones. For labeling products as well it is more convenient to buy a printed ribbon roll according to how much you will need.

Various colours green, red, pink, white satin ribbons istanbul Turkey
ribbons pink, red, brown and white

Alya Packaging is one paper packaging company in Istanbul, Turkey that is offering you a personalised service keeping YOU in mind. We will have a discussion with you, help you come up with a unique design which we will then create and manufacture. Our aim is to make sure we have fast delivery so that the personalised ribbon you ordered reaches in time for you to do your gift packaging. So whatever the season, holiday or occasion, gift packaging in Turkey and across Europe has become easier.

Go for Alya Packaging to find the perfect solution for your need in a unique and creative manner, impressing all those around you!

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