Custom Printed Stickers and Labels in Turkey

Round glossy stickers with full colour printing

Custom printed labels are sought after to label the different products your business sells.If you want your packaging to be original and unique, custom printed labels and stickers are the way to go.Personalization has become a trend in today’s market where different brands and products compete aggressively with each other. Alya Ambalaj now offers a complete packaging solution for all your needs, including adhesive labels and stickers.

If you need a custom sticker as a promotional tool

Alya Ambalaj has the printing technology and creativity to create the perfect one for you.

The customization options given to you help you choose the adhesive labels and stickers of your choice. Here you can choose colors, sizes, content and images as well as font. The idea behind custom printed stickers and labels is to incorporate your ideas and other input you have into the print, making it as perfect as possible. You can also choose from the high-quality materials available, such as paper, foil or PP material. Foil or paper labels are best for product labeling; Paper is the most economical. Various printing techniques are used, such as hot foil, offset or flexographic printing. The choice will depend on your preference and need.

If your business requires a large number of stickers and labels.

They are supplied in rolls and sheets to meet a big order.

These labels can have simple logos and text on them, or be in full colour including the graphics and pictures that you need. Buying a roll or sheet at one point in time is convenient and easy to stock. They are also easy to distribute as there are perforations between each sticker that lets you separate them easily and use as much as you need.

Alya Ambalaj is a paper packaging company in Istanbul Turkey that offers you a personalized service keeping YOU in mind. It is expanding to offer new services to give you a complete solution under one roof. Firstly we will discuss with you what you want, which will help you create a unique design. We will then create and produce the perfect decal and label for you. We are also aware of the importance of time and therefore we will deliver your adhesive labels and stickers as quickly as possible. Whether your business is established in Turkey or anywhere in Europe, we provide fast door-to-door delivery for you.

Stand out, print with high quality in mind and set your business up for success. Choose Alya Ambalaj to find the most suitable solution for your business with stickers and labels. We care about your business as much as you do. That’s why we want to help you the best we can!

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