How to Present Your Products in Beautiful Gift Presentation Boxes

Purple magnetic gift box

Products are invented, made, and sold on a daily basis. Some new inventions or products take off like mad and are wildly successful while a great many fall by a the wayside and seem to fade away just as fast as they sprang up. There are a number of reasons why a product may fail, but one of the main reasons lies in the details; specifically in how the product is presented. No matter how special a product may be if it is presented in a way that is less than desirable the risk of failure is significantly increased. Gift presentation boxes will add a sense of luxury and class to a product and here is how to achieve your presentation goals through their use.

Size of the Product

One of the most important aspects when choosing a gift box for a product is the size of the product. Although it may be tempting to choose a gift box that is significantly larger than the product contained within, the practice should be avoided. Just because the packaging is larger than the product is no guarantee that people will be drawn to the product. The packaging should be slightly larger than the product to give it a little room to move without space to be jostled with the risk of breakage.

Shape of the Product

Just as important as the size of a product is its shape. Gift boxes can come in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate practically any product, but the shape of the product many times has a significant effect on the shape available for the gift box. For most products a standard lift-off lid box is sufficient and is available in most any size, but if the product happens to be a very unusual shape the customer may have to order gift boxes in a custom size. This is not a problem for many gift box manufacturers and they often run specials in which the customer can receive their gift boxes with fast delivery options for a specific quantity ordered.

You can find mian presentation gift nox styles below:

Light blue tube soap box

Dark blue magnetic closure rigid socs box that says sailor socs
Drawer style grey uncoated paper gift box with pull out ribbon
Lift off lid luxury cosmtic rigid gift box that says ideal
Black higed rigid presentation box with red ribbon stop and eva insert that says guerlain


Style is another important attribute in any gift box purchase. Presenting a product in a specific way may mean a shift in the style of gift box needed. For example if a product is new to the market and therefore highly anticipated it may need to be presented in a four board case magnetic closure box for a little more pizzazz in the presentation. On the contrary other simpler products may desire a slip case box or a shoulder box in the presentation.  Sill some products may require a more elegant touch like in the ribbon pull out style or drawer style like in many jewelry products. 


Professionally worked artwork adds a big value to your packaging. We accept artworks in vector based formats. Our graphic department uses adobe illustrator graphic program mostly. Adobe

For printing colour accuracy we use pantone colour systems. Pantone colour system

Attributes of the Package

What is in the box is very important, but what is printed on the box and how it appears is just as important because customers have to be drawn to the box in order to purchase the product within. The logo of a company is the symbol for the heart of the company and therefore should be highly visible on the packaging. It is also of great importance whether the company chooses to accent the logo with a debossed logo printing or to have the logo printed flat onto the box. There is no right or wrong answer here, but people do like a bit of texture rather than a flat box.

Finish on the Gift Box

All aspects of how a product is presented in a gift box are important, but one has to realize that the box will be picked up by various people and therefore it is vital that the finish on the box match the desired effect of the product. Spot UV and lamination are among the most popular finishes for a luxurious gift box. The choice is strictly up to the product owner, but both finishes should be examined to determine which best fits the image the company is looking for.

A products image is the most important aspect in its success. Marketing a product correctly will increase the ability of a product to make it in the fast paced business world and great marketing ultimately comes down to great packaging. Gift box packaging is amazing in its adaptability to products and should be utilized to fully reach the potential of a product. Many great products have fallen away simply because they were not presented in a fashionable way. Simply handing someone a product with no thoughtful packaging is boring and unimaginative. People enjoy opening a gift box to reveal a product. It is like being handed a gift on Christmas morning and lends itself to a great amount of anticipation. No matter what anyone else will say, packaging does matter and putting forth the effort into presenting a product in a gift box shows concern and care for the customer and will definitely pay the company back for their investment. 

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