Luxury Retail Packaging Features That Keep Customers Coming Back

Purple bas and lid rigid gift box with ribbon organza bow

We all love presents, and the more beautifully they are packaged, the more we love them! Retail packaging is exactly the same. The more attractive the gift boxes or paper carrier bags in which we place purchases, the more delighted the customer is. The more likely they are to use that packaging again and again, creating free advertising for products and brands.

So what makes packaging with the wow factor?

First, custom packaging doesn’t have to cost the earth. It can be as simple as adding labels and stickers to a more generic presentation box, or using packaging features that win customer loyalty. A classic example is the stickers made of durable material that skateboard brands have traditionally given away with purchases. Such decals get transferred to boards and skating kit and end up showcasing the brand all around the world.

Luxury certainly has its place though, and pillow boxes are the ultimate in feel good presentational packaging. There’s something really lush about a pillow box, especially one that’s finished off with personalised ribbons. Many women love to keep these elegant little packaging items to re-use when travelling

Two piece rigid luxury retail packaging gift boxes in different colours

Bespoke retail packaging is an art in itself.

Boutiques in particular require a distinctive profile – a signature style that wins loyalty and gets them talked about by their chosen audience. Stunning presentation boxes manage to create a relationship between buyer and boutique as well as between buyer and purchase.

There’s both art and science in creating great luxury retail packaging. Nearly a decade ago Food Processing wrote an article about the way that packaging won or lost market share for food products. This focus on packaging as brand identity has only intensified since then. As the world becomes smaller, online shopping becomes more common and customers become much more aware of comparison shopping, packaging features may tip the balance on whether people repeat purchase from a brand or shop.

Consumers are very clear that they do not want packaging that is difficult to open and they do not want a little more packaging than necessary. On the other hand, there is nothing more angry than the customer whose products arrive damaged in the mail or who cannot return home with their store purchases. All these factors mean packaging needs to push a number of buttons.

  • Durable in quality
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Not excessive in quantity
  • Easy to open
  • Protective of purchases
  • Distinctive.
Burgundy pillow gift box with grey grosgrain ribbon

It’s quite a big ask, isn’t it? How can one box, bag or sticker achieve so much?

Don’t worry. We think about packaging the same way some people think about their holidays, or fantasy football, or what to have for dinner!

We spend our days, as manufacturers, pondering the perfect packaging, building the best presentation box and inventing the ideal ribbon for each of our customers.

Why not let us help you to find the right packaging for you?

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