Luxury Paper Carrier Bag Production Process

offset printing and lamination machines

When making our Luxury Paper Carrier Bags, we use two different production methods to create the perfect results:

A. Machinery Production Process

B. Hand Finishing Process

Here we give you a brief overview of each method, to help you understand how much time and effort we spend in creating your bespoke luxury paper bags, and the type of quality you can expect from Alya Packaging.

A. Luxury Paper Carrier Bag Machinery Production Process

1Luxury Paper Carrier Bag Resizing: The first stage in making your paper bags is to cut the paper to the correct size and dimensions using our highly advanced cutting machinery.

2Luxury Carrier Bags Printing: Once resized to meet your specifications, we transfer the paper sheets to our offset printing machine, where we will add your desired text and logos.  We use both CMYK printing and, upon request, Pantone printing.

Luxury Paper Carrier Bag Printing

3Lamination: Should you require laminated carrier bags, the next stage in the machinery production process is to laminate your paper sheets with either Matt or Gloss OPP Materials, or Metallic Lamination in Silver or Gold. Gloss lamination works exceptionally well on paper bags with photographic artworks. While Matt lamination works best with Pantone printed bags and Hot Foil stamped bags

Luxury Paper Carrier Bag automated lamination machine

4. Varnish: If you decide against OPP lamination, we will apply a clear varnish to protect all printed areas on your paper carrier bag.  This can be matt or gloss.

5Cutting: Finally, we cut the laminated sheets with special die-cut moulds. 

B. Hand Finishing Process

1Jointing: Our Paper Carrier Bags are made from either one piece of paper or two, depending on the dimensions of the bags.  Those bags requiring two pieces of paper are carefully glued together by hand to create a smooth and seamless finish.

2Stowing: The glued sheets are then weighted down and stowed to ensure a strong bond.

3Folding: Once the glued sheets are perfectly sealed, they are folded using folding tacks and the bottom supports are set in place.

4Bottom Gluing: The bottom of the paper carrier bags are then glued into place with the use of special machinery.

5Second Stowing: Our paper carrier bags are then weighted down and stowed for a second time to ensure they dry completely and seal perfectly.

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