Printed Carrier Bags, The Perfect Advertising Platform

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Printed Carrier Bags provide the perfect advertising platform for your services and products, so it makes perfect business sense to combine your advertising budget with your packaging budget, and create a range of bespoke printed carrier bags that will promote your brand while providing your customers with a practical packaging solution.

Printed with your company name, logo or slogan, contact details, and most importantly, your website address, your branded paper carrier bags will act as a mobile advertising platform, which your customers will promote on your behalf as they make their way down the high street, through the exhibition centre, and across the shopping centre – free advertising at its very best!

By choosing high quality paper carrier bags and printing them with an interesting and aesthetically pleasing design, you can encourage your customers to reuse your custom-made carrier bags over and again, and every time they use them, they will promote your brand identity, services and products, without even realising it.

To transform your printed-paper carrier bags into a successful marketing campaign, there are a few important points to consider, such as:

 What Shape and Size Paper Carrier Bags do I need?

Your branded paper carrier bags should be an extension of your product, so think carefully about the shape and size, and make sure that your carrier bags complement the products inside.

 What Type of Paper Carrier Bags will complement my services or products?

Paper carrier bags come in a variety of shapes, styles and designs, so it is important to choose the right type for your company or brand.  Simple twisted-handle paper carrier bags are perfect for those who are looking for a cost-effective packaging solution, but if you sell luxury products, ribbon-handled laminated carrier bags might be more suitable.

What should I print on my branded Paper Carrier Bags?

If your customers are to reuse your branded paper carrier bags, you need to create an object of desire.  A striking carrier bag design with subtle branding and an eye-catching logo profile in complementary colours will encourage your customers to reuse your paper carrier bags – effectively becoming a walking advertisement for your brand.

High quality branded paper carrier bags provide retailers with a 3-in-1 marketing, advertising and packaging solution, and consumers with an attractive bag that they can use every day.

f you need more idea about deciding right product, you can read our choosing right paper carrier bag article.

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