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Printed Custom Cotton Tote Bag Manufacturer Istanbul Turkey

Full colour offset printed non-woven pp tote bag

Today, we have a lot to think about. One of the hottest topics these days is the need for recycling. The human race has become so dependent upon items such as plastic bags and plastic water bottles, that the landfills are simply overrun with items that could be recycled. There is a way to do your part and Alya Packaging is doing their part to help. We invite you to enjoy the canvas tote made with high quality sewing you expect from a European manufacturer. However, this shopper bag is much more than an average natural cotton tote bag.

Full colour offset printed cotton tote bag manufacturer from istanbul Turkey
Glossy laminated blue and grey printed non-woven pp bag that says bkk

Personalised tote bags

There are many different canvas shopping bags on the market today, but they rarely allow the individual to show off anything apart from, possibly, their favorite color. At Alya Packaging, we understand that there is much more to say about yourself than merely what color you prefer to carry around with you. We give you the opportunity to customize you bag to your specifications. We can give you the personalized bag of your choice with an endless array of options to choose from.

Full colour printed colourful tote bag with check pattern
Glossy laminated reusable tote bag that says lipton

Great for Businesses

Businesses today are always looking for ways to get their name out into the public. Marketing is supposed to do just that, but the average business person that merely relies on handing out business cards can be doing themselves a disservice as most of those cards will end up in the waste basket when the potential customer cleans out their wallet or purse. The trick is not to simply slap your logo on something that is easily discarded. Our Eco Bags allow you to hand out a beautifully manufactured tote with your bespoke logo right on the bag. That allows your brand to gain more traction with both the customer carrying the bag as well as those that may admire the bag in passing.

Full colour offset printed white non-woven tote bag

Variety of Materials

When you think of the average canvas tote, you tend to think of a cheaply made bag that can hold some items, but cannot always stand up to the rigors of shopping and daily life. Alya Packaging believe in offering a high quality bag that is sure to last you for years to come. Our bags are not just made with one material. We provide a variety of materials to our customers such as natural cotton. The dyed cotton is stronger than the average tote and some of our most popular materials, 140 gsm, 200 gsm, are available as well. We work with customers directly to ensure they get the drawstring bag and shopper bag they truly want.

cmyk printed glossy laminated non-woven pp bag with sea visual
Laminated kinder garden tote bag with red handle

Please viist our re-usable eco bags page for more information.

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