Promotional Bags and event organisation

White trade fair paper bag with long handle

The secret weapon that every event organiser should know about is the promotional bags.

Whether you’re hosting an exhibition. Organizing or attending a trade fair, promotional printed event bags are one of the keys to success.

What makes a promotional bag promotional?

Three factors add up to create a true promotional bag:

  1. The bag must be available at an event, whether it’s a trade show or an exhibition
  2. The bag must have a promotional purpose (used as a give-away or provided as part of the welcome pack)
  3. The bag must feature a logo or design that relates to the event itself.

What styles of event bag can be purchased?

There are many forms of bag that serve as excellent promotional bags, for example:

  • Paper carrier bags; Simple, Natural, Recyclable. Paper carrier bags are the obvious choice for many trade events as they hold bulky amounts of literature or samples and are easy to carry.In addition, paper carriers come in a range of sizes, shapes and can easily be personalised with promotional images.
  • Non-woven bags; Super strong and very lightweight. These bags are popular for sport related exhibitions in particular as they take strong clear images well and have a sporty air
  • Laminated non woven bags; With a high gloss finish, these bags are very popular with fashion related events and business to business trade shows for their glamorous appearance
  • Cotton bags; These are very popular for long term use, particularly as book bags, and really appeal to a younger audience who will use them every day, providing a high return as walking advertisements
  • PP woven bags; Woven polypropylene is an ideal solution where costs is a major consideration but durability is also vital
  • Jute bags; For events where sustainability is a paramount consideration, jute bags are considered more acceptable than cotton bags. As cotton has a certain pesticide and water use that doesn’t always win the approval of people attending environmentally themed events.
promotional reusable laminated non-woven tote bags that says lipton

How do I create the right design for a promotional bag?

It’s often best to start with a logo. Adding the dates of the event can give a limited edition vibe to your promotional bag design. Which like band tour T-shirts, can provide an extra desirability to your event bag.

I’ve only just thought about event bags – is it too late?

We know how easily things slip through the net. Whether you’re the event organiser or somebody participating in a trade fair or exhibition.We’re sure we can help you get your promotional bags to the event quickly and easily.At Alya Packaging we have an urgent production mode that allows us to speed last minute design jobs through the system. Which combined with our fast delivery means you can relax, certain that you’ll have excellent promotional bags on hand to support your event.

Working from our base in Istanbul, we service all areas of Europe and beyond. So why not contact us today so that we can bring our expertise to the services of your event?

We can supply you promotion bags to fair area if you are exhibitor in CNR or Tüyap Istanbul, Turkey.

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